10 Things You Need To Know About Automating Google Cloud with Ansible

15.10.2016 · GDG DevFest Hamburg 2016 · Speaker: Thilo-Alexander Ginkel


IaaS offerings from Google and others facilitate highly scalable application deployments in the cloud. While the implementation of standards is a common practice in the Java universe, as of today Google, as most cloud providers, come with their own platform specifics and proprietary APIs, allowing highly customized solutions. In this session we will showcase how to utilize Docker and Ansible to get the best out of Google Cloud Platform. Based on a simple demo application we will demonstrate how to use Ansible to enable deploying to an IaaS platform based on Docker as a universal packaging format. Practical examples demonstrate use-cases such as cost-optimized deployments to the cloud for development and production and multi-account production deployments for improved redundancy.


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