Docker Swarm Mode

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Thilo-Alexander Ginkel · TG Byte Software GmbH ·

About us

TG Byte Software GmbH

  • Founded in 1998, located in Hamburg

  • Service Range

    • Software Development & Consulting

    • DevOps

    • Training & Coaching

  • Looking for freelancers to support us with various projects

Thilo-Alexander Ginkel

  • Passionate Software Engineer, IT Consultant & Trainer

  • Focus

    • Software Development & Architecture

    • DevOps

    • Troubleshooting

  • Software Development since 1994

Docker Swarm Mode

Docker Swarm Mode

  • Cluster management integrated with Docker Engine

    • Accessible via the regular Docker CLI

  • Built on top of SwarmKit (using Raft Consensus Algorithm)

    • Self-organizing (no dedicated cluster coordinator required)

  • New "service" concept as an abstraction on top of containers

  • Multi-host overlay networking

  • Service Discovery via DNS

  • Introduced in Docker 1.12

  • Not to be confused with the standalone Docker Swarm product

Docker Swarm Mode


swarm diagram




  • Three nodes on Google Compute Engine

  • Running Docker 1.12.1 in Swarm Mode

  • Google Cloud load balancing for HTTPS termination and (pseudo-)HA



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